"Super friendly. Great workmanship."

Casey Kuhn

"Excellent customer service! Quality repairs! Newer vehicle with sizable damage, not only was the body work seamless but they made sure the damaged electronics were fixed properly and functioning like new. Worth the drive, highly recommend."

Brittany Ritchey

"They did a great job on my car. Came back looking great. Very helpful and fast service."

Lucas Miller

"Highly recommended very professional very courteous did a very good job on the repairs to my vehicle I'd recommend it to anybody in North Dakota for repairs."

DJ Fenton

"There isn't a better body shop..Thats all there's to it."

Mark Wanner

"Very friendly service and high quality repairs."

Nick Walker

"I hit a pheasant with my car driving back home. Called my insurance company (Progressive) and they told me to get my car into Duane's. They handled pretty much everything. I dropped my car off at Duane's Monday morning and they repaired all the damage in 2 days. I would go back again if needed. Great staff and fast service. A++"

Brent Little

"Very helpful when it came to my vehicle and kept me informed on the status. They made sure I was well aware of costs and insurance followups."

Cassandra Anderson

"Very professional. Excellent work. They were able to get my car in right away, and completed quickly."

Mike Miller

"Fantastic place to get auto all fixed up and superior staff."

Rick Morel